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Trinamik 30 Day Pack

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Trinamik is focused on supporting bone, cardiovascular, renal and mental health
Manufacturer: AnnaStellar
SKU: 3003348001
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Trinamik is focused on supporting bone, cardiovascular, renal and mental health. Vitamin K2 is a powerful nutrient that plays an essential role in overall general well-being by its carrier and transport function. Vitamin K2 supports antioxidant effects, neuroinflammation reduction, vascular health improvement, and mitochondrial function.

Suitable for Vegetarians and is also Sucrose, Lactose, Gluten, and Tartrazine Free.

Ingredients: Vitamin K2, Vitamin D3 and Magnesium

Indications: Nutrient support for bones, muscles and the cardiovascular system.

Contraindications: Do not use the product if known hypersensitivity or allergies exists towards any of the ingredients.

Warning and Special precautions: If you are taking any chronic medication consult your medical practitioner before using it.


  • Adults: Take one capsule daily with a meal, or as prescribed by your healthcare practitioner.

Pack Size: 30 Vegecap Capsules

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