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The Member Portal section will allow you to upload prescriptions, pay your Pharmacy Direct account, change your delivery address or chat to one of our agents.

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frequently asked questions





What are the benefits of using Pharmacy Direct?

The biggest benefit of using Pharmacy Direct is the convenient and confidential delivery of your medication to the address of your choice anywhere in South Africa. Additional benefits are our caring pharmacists who are available telephonically to assist you with any questions that you may have and our affordable and very competitive dispensing fee.


How long does it take to receive my medication once I have submitted my prescription?

It usually takes 5 to 7 working days to process your application and prescription as we sometimes need to assist with medicine authorisations and intervene with doctors. Please ensure that you send us your prescription timeously.


How often must I obtain a new repeatable prescription?

By law, patients must submit a new repeatable prescription every six months in order to obtain medication.


How often will I receive medication?

In general medication is conveniently delivered to a patient on an automated 28-day cycle so there is no need to remember to place an order. However, if you would like to make changes to your medication for the following month or request an urgent order, you can contact us for assistance.


How will I know when my medication will be delivered?

Pharmacy Direct will send you an SMS the moment that your medication is dispatched for delivery. The time needed for your delivery is dependent on your location and may take up to 3 working days.


I use insulin and it needs to be kept cold – how will you deliver this to me?

Pharmacy Direct delivers all cold chain or fridge line medication in a special container and the medication is packed with frozen gel packs that is certified to keep medication at the correct temperature. We do not deliver cold chain or fridge line medication over weekends.


Does Pharmacy Direct deliver Anti-Retroviral medicine?

Yes, you can obtain your Anti-Retroviral Medication (ARVs) through us. We deliver confidentially.


Does Pharmacy Direct supply specialised medicines?

Yes, Pharmacy Direct delivers specialised medication including treatment for oncology and other specialised disease areas.


What is generic medicine?

Generic medication items contain the same active ingredient at the same strength than the originator brand. Treatment outcomes are similar as the safety, efficacy and quality of the generic medicines in South Africa is subjected to the same quality control processes as the originator brands. Generic medicines are often available at a fraction of the price of the originator brands.


I have a co-payment on my medicine – how should I pay this?

You can register on our website and pay your account online at or alternatively you can pay by EFT or direct deposit into our bank account. Please refer to your statement received with your medication delivery for our banking details. Please remember to use the correct reference number when making payment. Alternatively, you can contact us for assistance.


I cannot afford my co-payment. Can Pharmacy Direct assist me?

Our expert staff can assist you in obtaining generic medicines or in-formulary alternatives to avoid co-payments on your chronic medication. Please contact us for assistance.


How do I know if Pharmacy Direct is trying to contact me?

After an unsuccessful call attempt, Pharmacy Direct will send you an SMS to inform you of the reason for our call. Should you need further clarity, please get in touch telephonically at 086 002 7800 or on WhatsApp at 086 002 7800 or by clicking the WhatsApp icon on your screen. Alternatively, send an email to


My chronic medication is not authorised with my medical scheme. Can I still send Pharmacy Direct my prescription?

Pharmacy Direct can assist to process authorisation for your chronic medication. Please send us your prescription and your latest pathology results so that we may request or follow up on your chronic authoristation application.


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