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Cerene Baby Teething Powder Sachets 20's


Cerene Baby Teething Powders is an all-natural formula for teething babies containing Chamomile to soothe irritability, and teething pain and to calm baby.
SKU: 719962001
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Cerene Baby teething Powder is packed in easy-to-use sachets.

  • 100% natural – 100% safe
  • Soothes and calms your baby
  • Calc Phos aids bone growth and Calc fluor reduces the swelling in the gums and helps a teething infant, especially if the teeth are late.
  • Contains NO flavourants, colorants, preservatives, alcohol, or caffeine.

Ingredients per 500mg sachet: Chamomilla 6CH - 20.83 mg. Calc phos 6CH - 20.83 mg. Calc fluor 6CH - 20.83 mg. Lactose - 437.5 mg

How to use:

Gently empty the sachet onto the baby’s tongue or for added benefit rub the gums with some of the powder before emptying the remainder onto the baby’s tongue. 

Pack Size: 20 Sachets 

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