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Climux Prolong Gel 30ml

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Delay Premature Ejaculation
Manufacturer: XS Health
SKU: 882235004
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Delay Premature Ejaculation

Unlike other gels that assist to delay ejaculation CLIMUX PROLONG GEL does not dull or reduce sensation, rather it helps improve blood flow to the tissues resulting in a mild heat sensation. This results in a unique experience of heightened sensation while still prolonging sexual activity and helping to delay sexual experience


  • Glycerine
  • Propylene Glycol
  • Citrex   


  • Apply a thin layer of gel around the male organ 5-10 minutes before intercourse.
  • For maximum effect take 2 Climux Prolong capsules 30 minutes before intercourse.
  • NB: Use sparingly with just a small film application on the tip and under the shaft of the genitalia. 

Pack Size: 30ml 


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