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Ovulation test 5's CliniHealth

Home Diagnostics

Home ovulation test to help identify the fertile window period.
Manufacturer: CliniHealth
SKU: 778899001
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Ovulation tests are used by women looking to conceive.

It detects the presence and concentration of a luteinising hormone
(LH) in your urine each month. Between 3-30 eggs mature inside your ovaries with the largest pushing out of the pelvis into the fallopian tube.

Eggs survive between 11 and 24 hours - each month the window period is around 6 days
Ovulation tests help identify your fertile window period. Ovulation tests - tests your urine for increase or surge in luteinising hormone-this
happens one to two days before ovulation. Just before ovulation LH may increase up to 5 times. The test will pick this up via a control line.

This is when you are most likely to conceive.

Pack Size: 5 units per box.

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